Semolina Porridge

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October 29, 2023
Difficulty: easy
2 servings
15 min
Semolina porridge recipe

Semolina porridge is not only a healthy breakfast but also a delicious one. Of course, if you cook it the right way (not the way most people do it).

Semolina is cooked with milk or water. There are nuances to its preparation that I will tell you about in this recipe. If you know how to cook semolina properly, you will not only be able to make semolina porridge, but you will also be able to make delicious semolina-based desserts.


Cooking Instructions

  1. Measure out all the ingredients in advance: semolina, milk, salt, sugar, and butter.

    Photo of ingredients for making semolina porridge

  2. Wash the pot that was used with cold water, then put it onto the hob and pour in 500 ml of milk. Let it slowly heat up until it boils, on a low flame, making sure that the milk does not burn.

    How to make delicious semolina porridge

  3. Combine the salt, sugar and semolina. As soon as the milk has heated up, slowly add the mixture while stirring constantly.

    I suggest using a whisk and whipping the milk directly while adding the semolina. This will create a light and smooth porridge.

    Recipe for semolina porridge at home

  4. Cook the semolina for 5 minutes until it is fully swollen (I suggest using a timer). Stir continuously to avoid any sticking.

    Photo of cream of wheat porridge preparation

  5. Mix the butter into the cooked porridge and stir thoroughly. If the porridge seems too watery, leave it in the pan for a few minutes; it will thicken slightly.

    Picture of semolina porridge

  6. That's it, your semolina porridge is now ready! It should be silky and free from lumps. Put it on a plate and add your preferred berries (I prefer raspberries, blueberries, and banana). Enjoy!

    Photo of semolina porridge

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What are the Benefits of Semolina?

Semolina may not have many vitamins or useful minerals, but it is rich in carbohydrates and easily digestible protein which can provide you with energy throughout the day. Additionally, semolina is a source of calcium which can help to strengthen bones, teeth and nails.

Semolina porridge is beneficial for those with digestive issues, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, and GI diseases. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for most people. After medical operations, serious illnesses, physical fatigue, and during recovery, healthcare professionals strongly advise consuming this type of porridge.

Semolina porridge is a high-calorie food. If there are concerns with excessive weight, it is important to accurately measure the servings.

Making Semolina Porridge

Secret #1: Use Milk

For a tastier and more flavorful semolina porridge, always cook it with milk. Use a ratio of at least 1 part milk to 3 parts water. If you use milk with lower fat content, you can add more.

Secret #2: Maintain the Proportions

When making semolina porridge, make sure to follow the correct proportions or it may turn out too liquidy or thick. For a perfect porridge, use 6 tablespoons of semolina for every 1 litre of milk or a milk and water mix. Following these proportions will result in a perfectly thick porridge.

Secret #3: Add the semolina to the milk properly

Only add semolina to the milk after boiling it. Pour in the semolina gradually and stir continuously to prevent lumps. This method ensures a smooth semolina porridge.

Another way to avoid lumps is to moisten the semolina with cold water before adding the hot milk.

Secret #4: Improve the Flavor

To enhance the taste, add salt and sugar to the milk while it's hot. This will make your semolina porridge taste better.

When your porridge is ready, add butter and your choice of fresh or dried fruits, or jam.

For a smoother and creamier taste, cook the semolina in melted milk.

Secret #5: Boiling Milk Right

To avoid burning the milk, cool the pot with ice water before boiling. You can also add ice cubes before pouring the milk. By using these techniques, you won't have to worry about the milk burning.

Secret #6: Make Flavor More Delicate

After the milk boils, cook the semolina for five minutes. To make your porridge more tasty and airy, add butter to it and whisk it with a whisk.

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